Episode 124 - Diabetics Doing YouTube and T1D with Andrew Slyfox

124 - Andrew Slyfox.png

Andrew Slyfox (@andrewslyfox on Instagram) joins the podcast in yet another live interview (noticing a trend here?) from Los Angeles California.

Andrew has been T1D for 21 years, and is the father of the Slyfox Family, whose adventures you can follow on their incredible family YouTube channel. Andrew’s story takes us from diagnosis, to meeting his wife Hannah and how he didn’t reveal he had T1D until after they were engaged!

We also talk about what it’s like to be a full-time YouTuber, and how comments from people on the internet can really affect us negatively if we let them. But we also talk about his new YouTube channel Andrew Slyfox, which has a much more prominent focus on Andrew’s life with T1D, and what inspired him to start sharing that part of his life.

Andrew and I also filmed a video for his vlog, which you can check out HERE!

Be sure to give him a shoutout on social media with your favorite sound bytes!

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