Episode 123 - Diabetics Doing Podcasts and Parenting with Stacey Simms


Stacey Simms, (@staceysimms on Instagram) host of Diabetes Connections and mother to a T1D joins the show for an in-depth discussion on what’s it’s like as a parent to a T1D as well as how Diabetes affects the lives of Parents, especially in the early days.

We discuss how to take power back from Diabetes through laughter, and I dig deep into how I believe Diabetes makes you better at handling failure. From there, Stacey takes us through her “diagnosis journey” as a parent of a T1D. Believe it or not, even before she was a Diabetes Mom, Stacey had been involved with JDRF through her job.

Stacey is a frequent speaker on the JDRF Summit circuit, and she has turned her talk “The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom" into a book which launches November 1. You can pre-order the book at this link . Stacey gave me an advanced copy, and I really enjoyed the tactics and learnings that she shares. I’d highly recommend the book for parents of a T1D.

How do you like the parenting pods? I’m interested in digging into some conversations with non-T1D parents perspective.