Episode 106 - Diabetics Doing Cookbooks and Community with Taylor Riggs

Taylor Riggs (@Taylor__Riggs on Instagram) joins the pod to talk about her life with Diabetes. Diagnosed at the age of 10, Taylor shares great small details like missing a field trip because of her diagnosis, which I feel we can all relate to.

Taylor even gets me to share my story for how I drank a Doctor Pepper on my way to the urgent care for “my nausea.”

We talk about everything from learning about what Diabetes is, to the strain parents take on when you’re diagnosed, to my theory about the different emotions associated with when you’re diagnosed with Diabetes as a child and Taylor shares her struggles adjusting to life with Diabetes as a kid.

Taylor also gives great insights on the mental strain of living with Diabetes, for kids, parents and adults and we both dish on how we’re glad the conversation is coming more into the fold of everyday life with T1D.

Taylor also shares how T1D affected her decision to become a Dietician, and is an inspiring example of using T1D as a catalyst for doing good in your career. Her cookbook is “Real Food, Real Simple” and is available on Amazon! Give her a follow and dig deep into her insights in this episode.

This episode is sponsored by HealthIQ, who is rewarding people with Diabetes who actively manage their A1C and live an active lifestyle with lower rates on their life insurance. I also cover why it’s important on the Diabetics Doing Things blog