Episode 107 - Diabetics Doing CBD

By now you’ve probably seen dozens of articles, social media posts or videos talking about CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is having its moment, it’s popping up across the country in various forms, from tinctures in vape shops to medical journals to coffee shops and bakeries each claiming to offer one or more of the many benefits linked to CBD.

In typical Rob Howe fashion, before I offered an opinion on CBD, I wanted to make sure the many claims were substantiated not only by my own experience, but by people I trust as well. So I reached out to 7 of my friends from the Diabetes online community and asked them to give me their experience with CBD products, in and out of Diabetes.

I was fortunate enough to partner with an awesome CBD company in Green Helix who helped me get started on my CBD journey and experience different products to aid in my research. They even let me pass the value on to our listeners, so any orders where you use code: RobHowe will get 20% off.

Thanks to my friends Mitch Green, Libby Russell, Whitney Lewis, Mariel Schofield, Erik Douds, Paulius Podziunas and Leila Prevette for making this one of the most unique and exciting episodes in the Diabetics Doing Things journey. Take a listen as you hear my thoughts on CBD as we all work collectively to educate past the stigma of cannabis products in the pursuit of a more holistic approach to wellness. Enjoy!