Episode 105 - Diabetics Doing A Game Plan with Sam Benger

It’s a T1D Athlete’s dream interview. I go 1 on 1 with the great Sam Benger (@gameplan_t1d on Instagram) and we talk about his journey growing up with Diabetes, to Diabetic Collegiate Athlete, to Diabetes Podcaster.

Sam talks about the importance of sports and Diabetes in developing his workhorse mentality. Never a guy to make excuses, Carnegie Mellon University’s All-Time leading Rusher dishes on overcoming challenges and outperforming expectations.

He also talks about he’s recently become more involved in the T1D community through podcasting and instagram, something I really relate to. Sam really dove-in feet first to help tell the amazing stories of athletes with T1D and their amazing accomplishments.

And if you want to hear Rob on the GamePlan T1D Podcast, just follow this link.