Episode 104 - Diabetics Doing A Second Chance with Dave Maher

There are some stories which you have to hear firsthand to fully comprehend, and Dave Maher’s story (@thisisdavemaher on Instagram) certainly falls into that category.

BeyondType1 approached me with the opportunity to interview a fellow Type-1 Diabetic comedian, but I had no idea how much more there was to Dave’s story.

Mismanagement of Dave’s Type-1 Diabetes put Dave into a coma from High Blood sugar, and doctors weren’t sure he would ever wake up. After a wild Facebook outpouring, chronicled here by This American Life.

The good news, Dave did wake up, and he and I talk about the differences in his life & diabetes management before and after his coma, and how he’s using his second chance as an opportunity to look at the bigger issues beyond Diabetes which nearly caused him to lose his life. This is an incredible, honest, endearing interview and I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dave Maher.