Episode 101 - Diabetics Doing Youtube & Community in Canada with Michelle Lord

Michelle Lord (@miche_lo on instagram) joins the podcast to talk about her journey into the Type 1 Diabetes community. She takes us through her inspiration behind her AWESOME YouTube channel, and how she evolved it from a Vlog channel to a channel about Diabetes Tips and information for people living with T1D.

Michelle and I also discuss the importance of the global community and how she is working to bring meetups and other types of events to Canada. I’m very fortunate to get to interact with lots of T1Ds from Canada on Instagram, and we both talk about how social media has brought us all together.

I work with Michelle on the Beyond Type 1 Global Ambassador Council and she recently hosted her first meetup in Toronto with many other Canadian T1Ds who have been on this podcast! Check out her video on the meetup here.

Michelle’s YouTube Channel is one of my favorites in the T1D space, and she has incredible videos on her life with Type 1, including this video below which is one of my favorites:

Michelle is such an awesome member of the T1D community, and I’m grateful to get to work with her with BeyondType1 and glad T1D brought us together.