Episode 102 - Diabetics Doing Wild Child in the Tree T1D with Celia Johnson

Celia Johnson (@wildchildinthetreet1d on Instagram) joins the podcast to talk about her journey with Type-1 Diabetes. Diagnosed at the age of 16 in New Hampshire, Celia remembers all the general symptoms that many T1Ds experience at diagnosis and even recorded her number of times she had to use the restroom, and recorded 40 urinations in one day.

She also outlines the struggles that many of us relate to because at the outset of her diagnosis, her doctors educated her how to treat Type-2 Diabetes, so even though she had the correct insulin, she wasn’t properly prepared to know how to live with T1D until she switched hospitals and found a new endocrine clinic months into her life with T1D.

We also talk about Wilford Brimley (lol) and how I think he would be the best person to break down the differences between Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes. You definitely need to check out the beginning of this interview.

Celia is an inspiring member of the Diabetes community and I’m grateful she shared her story. Be sure to follow her journey on Instagram.