Episode 100 - Diabetics Doing Incredible Support and Community Building with Marie Diaz

We are KEEPING IT 100!!!! 

Today’s guest is Marie Diaz (@nerdscanfight on Instagram) and when I was thinking of who would be the 100th episode, I thought of Marie immediately and I’ll tell you why! 

She was one of the first people I didn’t know that shared that she was listening to this podcast, and I just remember being so encouraged by someone enjoying this podcast and sharing it publicly. That could have been the end of the story, but Marie always outdoes expectations. 

The first time I met Marie, she DROVE 3 hours from Austin, where she was attending the University of Texas, to attend JDRF Dallas’ Type One Nation Summit in January 2018, and then 6 weeks later she drove AGAIN from Austin to San Antonio where I was speaking at another Type One Nation. 

She’s an incredible friend, fanatic and FREAK ATHLETE because she’s running with team Beyond Type Run in the New York City Marathon this fall. In fact, if you want to donate to her race fundraiser, follow this link and give her back some of the support she gives to our amazing community.

I’m not gonna spoil the episode any further, but please enjoy this awesome conversation with an AMAZING person with Diabetes Marie Diaz.