Episode 099 - Diabetics Doing T1D Community in Canada and Vegan Lifestyle with Abby David

99 Episodes! Special thanks to all our listeners and guests for all the support over the years. Today's guest is Abby David (@abbyjdavid on Instagram) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! 

Abby's Diabetes story begins with her Diagnosis at age 16, and we continue our theme of diagnosis stories running the full spectrum, as the doctor who diagnosed Abby didn't know how to use a glucometer and Abby had to wait 24 hours for her glucose test results. 

Abby and I have a unique discussion about the emotional response of parents when their children are diagnosed with T1D. Both of our parents had the initial response that they may have done something wrong and caused our diabetes, so we discuss how each of our parents worked on acceptance. 

Abby also tells us about the Diabetes community in Canada compared to the US, where the patients are more scattered and the organizations less focused on patient engagement. It made me happy to see the first BeyondType1 meetup in Toronto this past weekend, to see how far things have come since Abby and I spoke earlier this year. 

We also discuss Abby's vegan lifestyle and the impact it's had on her Diabetes. I'm so grateful Abby joined the show to share her story, and I'll apologize a million times for how long it took for me to post her episode.