Episode 098 - Diabetics Doing Handball with Mikkel Moldrup

Please welcome Mikkel Møldrup (@mmoeldrup on Instagram) from Dusseldorf Germany. Mikkel is a Professional handballer in the 2nd Budesliga in Germany, and has been living with T1D for just over 7 years. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sport of Handball, I highly encourage you to do a quick YouTube journey, because it is super exciting. It's a team sport that is highly popular throughout Europe, though not as much in the United States. Mikkel explains it better than I do, but my best comparison would be a combination of Basketball, Volleyball and Hockey. 

Mikkel was diagnosed in 2012 at the age of 18, and felt as though he was overloaded with information at his diagnosis. He discusses the frustrations and feelings associated with having to learn so much in such a short time, in addition to adjusting to a new lifestyle. 

However, he maintains a positive attitude and mentions “Diabetes is not a sickness to me, it’s a healthy sickness. Because you learn how to live healthy. Before Diabetes I never would’ve looked at what was in my food or lifestyle. You learn so much about yourself.” 

I'm inspired by Mikkel's story so please take a listen and enjoy me stumbling over the pronunciation of his last name multiple times ;)