Episode 097 - Diabetics Doing Improv at Dallas Comedy House

I've been either taking classes, performing, teaching or just hanging out at Dallas Comedy House for the past five years. I've made lifelong friends, had crazy experiences and learned more there than I could've known when I signed up for classes 5 years ago. Better still, I met some of my first Type-1 Diabetic friends at DCH, so even before I started this podcast, the community of DCH was impacting my life with Diabetes. 

When I started the podcast, Scriven Bernard and Lindsay Power were kind enough to be among the first interviews, and in the years since, Eric Van Leeuwen joined our T1D comedy family. 

So last spring, we had a Casual Comedy Gala to raise money for JDRF, and did an Improv4Humans style improvised podcast. We'd always talked about doing this type of podcast, and I'm so glad we finally did. Check it out!