Episode 096 - Diabetics Doing Mission & Advocacy with Dr. Nicole Johnson

This is a very special episode of the Diabetics Doing Things podcast featuring none other than Dr. Nicole Johnson, the Director of Mission for JDRF. If you haven't heard her speak, she frequently speaks at JDRF Type One Nation Summit's throughout the U.S., so if you have a chance to hear her and meet her, I'd encourage you to do it! 

Dr. Johnson's T1D story begins as many do, where she knew something was wrong but her doctors hadn't landed on Type-1 Diabetes as her illness. So in one of her first preliminary Miss America pageants, she passed out on stage! 

After finally being diagnosed T1D, Nicole's doctors started off her life with Diabetes by listing all the things she wasn't going to be able to do: work in the field she wanted, pursue her dream to be Miss America or have a family! Nicole takes us through the very daunting personal journey of what it's like to hear a physician tell you that you need to change the dreams you've had for your life, and how she started the process of proving them wrong. 

Get a big dose of motivation from Dr. Nicole Johnson and listen to a story that starts with a T1D Diagnosis and turns into a story of passion, success and advocacy from the first person with Diabetes to be crowned Miss America, but who also finished her PhD, started a family and became JDRF's first Director of Mission. 

This episode was recorded in Tampa, Florida on the conference floor of the Students with Diabetes Conference, Nicole's incredible summit for young adults living with Diabetes.