Episode 089 - Diabetics Doing Spoken Word Poetry with Nichole Acosta

We welcome Nichole Acosta (@nicholeacosta on Instagram) on today’s episode of Diabetics Doing Things. Nichole is a spoken word poet and photographer, and shares with us several of her poems regarding the diabetic lifestyle.

But before we hear her inspiring poetry, we get to hear her diagnosis story. She shares with us her difficult relationship with food after her diagnosis and how she has worked to have #sugarfreedom. #Sugarfreedom is to live life freely, such as life before diabetes, but to still be in control.

Nichole preaches the importance of not feeling controlled by diabetes and we discuss how she manages her physical and mental well-being through eating and outlets, such as creating her own art. Be sure to check out her awesome poetry about halfway through this episode and give her a shoutout with #sugarfreedom on social media.