Episode 088 - Diabetics Doing Through Hiking with Joey Chapman and Julian Tapia aka the Hangdog Days

The Hangdog Days (@hangdogdays on Instagram) are in the house! Brothers, Joey Chapman and Julian Tapia, join us for today’s episode of the Diabetics Doing Things podcast. Joey is the younger of the two and also our T1D guest. Julian, being the incredible older brother he is, took Joey’s diagnosis in stride and has been a major part of his support system ever since.

“Is this how it’s going to be forever?” 10-year-old Joey Chapman asked his mom while drawing an insulin shot soon after diagnosis. She knew the answer, and he soon did too. Moments like these, even when young, play a major role in directing the course of someone’s actions and it is evident that he wasn’t going to let anything hold him back.

Joey and Julian are diehard outdoor extraordinaires and self-coined dirtbags. Their infectious positive attitudes and commitment to pushing themselves and others to test their limits is showcased in this episode. We talk about their future 2,650 mile trip up the Pacific Coast Trail, beginning May 4. We dive into what it’s going to take, how they are preparing, and everything that has come before to lead up to this exciting point. We catch a glimpse of their motivation behind the trip, including how the walk allows you to think all your thoughts, leaving you in the present, and enabling you to enjoy what’s around you in the now.

Be sure to check out the Hangdog Days website and podcast, The Diabetic Dirtbag (found on any major podcast platform