Episode 090 - Diabetics Doing User Experience, Jiu Jitsu and Everything in Between with Paulius Podziunas

Let’s give a big welcome to Paulius Podziunas (@impaulius on Instagram), today’s guest on another episode of the Diabetics Doing Things podcast! Paulius and I go on a conversational journey of diabetes, technology and stoicisim. We begin by getting to know Paulius as he shares his diagnosis story and then we dive into his entrepreneurial free-thinking mind, trained in user experience (UX), systems and martial arts.

This episode covers everything from finding the motivation to succeed to simple ways to breakdown the effects of diabetes into manageable problems. Paulius shares his love of Jiu Jitsu and working out, including some stories from the days of “Meathead Paulius Podziunas,” but also talks about focus and simplicity. We further discuss life without insurance and the way of Walmart insulin.

Prepare to be motivated to take that next step (whatever it may be), because Paulius will get you going.