Episode 080 - Diabetics Doing ALL the Marathons with Ross Baker

Can you imagine running a 100-mile ultra marathon? What about 53 marathons? What about one marathon? Neither can I. But, for Ross Baker (@RossBaker24 on Instagram), it’s life. In fact, he’s ran 1,336 documented race miles over the past 17 years. Interested yet?

Ross was diagnosed in 1992 at the age of 19, making him a 27-year seasoned T1D veteran. Ross dives into his diagnosis story, sharing his experience having a T1D father and learning what life on this side of the needle is like after watching him for many years. He further tells us how juggling the suggestions of his father and doctor were difficult for him at times. For Ross, finding a balance that worked for him took some time; just because his doctor told him he couldn’t eat pizza, didn’t mean Ross stopped eating pizza. While he still enjoys the occasional slice of pie, he enjoys running much more. 

Ross has run a marathon in all 50 states! Yes, that is correct; all 50 states! Self-described as “nothing more than a weekend-athlete” at the time, Ross’ feat began after putting his name in the lottery for the New York Marathon and being selected. Since then, he hasn’t stopped. How does he do it? Why does he do it? What’s next? Ross righteously relays his inside scoop. 

If you’re a fan of running, endurance sports, and/or just want to listen to a golden-hearted T1D marathoner, take a listen to our conversation. 

Some say he’s still running to this day. #ShirtForRoss