Episode 079 - Diabetics Doing Extra Long Bike Rides with Hilary Andersen

On this episode of the Diabetics Doing Things Podcast, Hilary Andersen (@TheCheeseLouise on Instagram and CheeseLouise5 on Twitter) joins us to share her (extra long) bike riding stories as a T1D. Diagnosed in 1994 at age 9 and a “pumper” since 1998 (20 years!!!), Hilary and I dive into her diagnosis story and what it was like to have a pump and CGM so early in the game. If you’ve ever been interested in what life with T1 was like at the beginning of the technological shift, take a listen because she has plenty of experiences to share. 

Hilary once rode her bike from Austin, Texas to Terre Haute, Indiana / the Chicago area at the beginning of her biking career. She shares what life was like on the open road, delving into what keeping pump and other diabetic supplies (along with food, shelter, and riding equipment) was like. 

Hilary eventually traveled to Japan, where she learned how difficult managing life with an auto-immune disorder could be. From having to improvise her broken lancet device (because Japanese and American devices do no match) to discussing her basal rates before, during, and after a ride, Hilary is a book of knowledge when it comes to life with T1D. Further, we discuss the improvements that the diabetic community has experienced in terms of glucose monitoring and other technology, especially with her latest upgrade to Medtronic’s 670G. 

If you’re a diabetic go-getter looking to travel, take a listen to hear both of our experiences in the beautiful country of Japan and some of the problems you may run into, including purchasing non-alcoholic beer when you wanted the real thing.