Episode 078 - Diabetics Doing Mixed Martial Arts 2 with Kevin Kellerman

Round 2 – Fight! Welcome back to the second part of our series on diabetes and MMA. Kevin Kellerman (@kevinkellermanmma on Instagram) joins the podcast this week to share with us his story as an MMA athlete. Before continuing the MMA-themed conversations involving cutting weight and managing blood sugars with so many variables, Kevin shares his diagnosis story (age three). If you want to check out part 1, give Anna Hyvarinen's episode a listen. 

Further, we discuss Kevin's goals as a fighter as well as a man. If you want to hear sincere commitment and energy, take a listen to Kevin talk about life. His dedication to discipline and mastery of self provides long-term benefits, rather than being pleased by instant gratification. The wisdom Kevin shares is applicable to everyone, but the T1D community will have plenty to soak in. By the end, you’ll hear another example of how little incremental goals can help dreams come true, so remember to stick with it and stay authentic above all else.