Episode 077 - Diabetics Doing Ups, Downs and the Party Lifestyle

Kayla Naeini (@frenchiegang_ on Instagram) joins us on this episode of the Diabetic Doing Things podcast. If you’re in on the DOC, you’ve probably seen her shedding some knowledge on the ‘gram. Kayla opens up about being forced to give her first injection moments after being told she was the newest member of the T1D community. Without comfort or care from doctors, she took it upon herself to live beyond. 

From small town parties to life in Vegas to currently working in a laboratory as a pharmacy tech, Kayla opens up about some real life experiences that the community sometimes fail to discuss. Although partying is always a touchy subject, Kayla brings a breath of fresh air to the conversation regarding the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. This episode boils down to taking care of your body and surrounding yourself with others who support your efforts. If you ever need a friend or some conversation, reach out and Kayla will be glad to chat.

If you’re ready to get real with T1D, press play now!