Episode 081 - Diabetics Doing 58 Years with T1D with Key Payton

Key Payton, coming in at an amazing 58 years with Type 1, takes the hot seat on today’s episode of the Diabetics Doing Things podcast. This true T1D OG adds more years to our ever-growing years lived with diabetes than any other guest that has come before. Key and I met at Medtronic HQ in 2017 and I knew I had to share his story. Today’s the day, so tune in to catch our conversation on, you guessed it, life with Type 1 Diabetes.

Key and I take a trip down memory lane, discussing his diagnosis around 1959 in remote New Mexico. We discuss the knowledge of T1D back in the day (or lack thereof) and the tools that were available, such testing glucose levels with urine, the frightening glass syringes, and daunting needles as one’s only option. Of course, technology has advanced over the years and Key has been able to experience (and work on) some serious upgrades, such as his latest switch to the Medtronic 670G with auto mode.  

Key advocates voicing life with diabetes. He learned that if he didn’t talk about it, no one else would know about it. The more people that know about, the better we can cooperate in society. Do your friends know about T1D? If not, Key may inspire you to share a little bit about what makes up a big part of your life.