Episode 069 - Diabetics Doing T1D Like Me with Jacob Kaufman

Jake Kaufman (@T1DLikeMe on Instagram) joins the podcast from Illinois to talk everything from his diagnosis at a cross country event, to founding T1D like me and we even take a moment to let me air out my dirty laundry against Jay Cutler! 

Jake and I met via Instagram this summer and he has been a big supporter of Diabetics Doing Things, so I want to make sure to give him a shoutout in the bio of his own episode. Definitely go check out all the awesome stories on T1DLikeMe, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this 21 year old entrepreneur. 

Jake and I also have a great conversation about T1D and exercise, and he gives his best tips and tricks for going on long runs (he’s a former competitive cross country runner and currently is an assistant coach for his High School team). 

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