Special Episode - 2017 in Review

This is the first episode of its kind where Rob Howe takes the mic and rolls solo. This episode covers all the ground Diabetics Doing Things has covered in 2017 and where we're planning to go in the future. 

On the podcast, Rob covers the journey from 11 episodes in 2016 to 60 episodes in 2017 and crossing the milestone of over 1,000 years of living with T1D on this podcast. 

Then I do my best to answer the most popular questions that I get via social media and email. I talk everything from exercise and T1D, whole30, whether or not I still play basketball, what I use to treat my diabetes, the vitamins and supplements I take, my hot sports opinion on the word "diabetic" and then a little look behind the curtain as to what the future holds for Diabetics Doing Things. 

I'm grateful for everyone who has continued to listen to this podcast over the past year, and I can't wait to share the new stuff with you in 2018. The best is yet to come!!!!