Episode 070 - Diabetics Doing Traveling Nursing with Samuel Foarde

I treasure the interviews that change my perspective. Perhaps no interview has been as impactful as this one. Samuel Foarde (@sir_registered_nerd on Instagram) joins the podcast and tells about his life as T1D and how it influenced his current career choice of being a traveling nurse. 

So what challenged my thinking in this interview? I asked Sam about how he chooses the next destination he'll call home for a few months as a traveling nurse, and he told me he likes to target rural hospitals because he feels he can have the biggest impact with the patients there because they are typically much less aware of proper health treatments and prioritize a healthy lifestyle much less than many of us city-dwellers. 

It challenged me to take a step outside the amazing, supportive, aware T1D online community, and remember that of the 1.5 million Americans and millions of other T1Ds around the world, many of us lack the support, education and focus to be the best T1Ds we can be. This is an awesome, impactful interview and Sam is as engaging as they come. Enjoy!