Episode 057 - Diabetics Doing The Diabulimia Hotline with Erin Akers

Erin (@thediabeticdragon on Instagram) Akers joins the podcast from Seattle Washington, at the recommendation of Rebecca Ryan (Episode

Erin was one of the rare stories where she was diagnosed two weeks after her brothers diagnosis with Type-1. As such, her symptoms were caught very early, and her blood sugar was around 250. 

Erin’s Diabetes advocacy began around her relationship with food, and spurred her to start the Diabulimia Helpline

Erin talks about the advantages of growing up with someone else with T1D alongside you and how important it is to have peer support in your T1D journey. We also dig deep into some of the amazing stories behind the Diabulimia Helpline and how it has grown into an incredible resource for T1Ds and their relationship with food, insulin and T1D in general.