Episode 058 - Diabetics Doing Fashion, Dance and Entrepreneurship with Kyrra Richards of Myabetic

Kyrra (@kyrrarichards on Instagram) Richards, founder of @Myabetic joins the podcast to talk about her journey as a Diabetic Fashionista, her background as a professional dancer and how she has pushed forward as an entrepreneur and #GirlBoss as the leader of Myabetic

Kyrra’s diagnosis at age 24 was a bit unique compared to many, because she was traveling on a military tour in Afghanistan as a dancer. During her trip, traveling back and forth from base to base, Kyrra experienced the typical symptoms many T1Ds go through but because of the grueling dance schedule and hot, dry climate she didn’t think there was too much to worry about. After her return from Afghanistan, Kyrra thought she had injured her bladder from resisting going to the restroom, so she went to her family physician who told her she didn’t have a bladder problem, she just had Type-1 Diabetes. 

Kyrra and I have a great conversation about the various tours we’ve been on as athletes, and then she gives us a unique behind the scenes look at the early days of Myabetic, where the inspiration came from and how they’ve grown since. 

It’s so interesting to me that the idea of Myabetic stemmed from wanting to feel good about your Diabetes, because it aligns with what I truly believe about living in a T1D renaissance, and I think Kyrra and Myabetic are a big part of why it’s now cool to be a T1D.