Episode 056 - Diabetics Doing Diabetes Education with Melissa Gaynor

Have you ever wanted to talk to a Diabetes Educator (CDE) who was also a T1D? Well Melissa Gaynor (@mybroknpancreas on Instagram) was that person for me. Besides being a super dope person, Melissa is an incredible person because she went BACK to college to get a second bachelors degree to become a CDE. 

We talk about how to distill junk science, what she learns from her patients and what they're dealing with, the confusion of nutrition labels in health and diet. She also talks about the difference between a Nutritionist, and a Certified Diabetes Educator with an emphasis on nutrition because of the science base (you can also go through your insurance for a CDE, which is a pretty nice benefit). 

Melissa and I also talk about the importance of being proud of who you are with your T1D and the emergence of the "Diabetes is cool" movement, which I attribute to BeyondType1. We also talk about Libby Russell, who just happens to be one of Melissa and I's favorite people. 

We also talk about how important it is for T1Ds to see other people doing amazing things, like being NFL quarterbacks, pageant queens, pop stars, etc. which of course made me so proud to be able to tell the stories of all the amazing Diabetics Doing Things. Melissa is so great and our conversation has been one of my favorites. Shout out NYC for some of the best T1Ds out there.

This post was written in support of Beyond Type 1’s Power Up Campaign that’s engaging a global T1D community to help educate, advocate and cure Type 1 diabetes.