Episode 055 - Diabetics Doing Acting and Advocacy with Anita Nicole Brown

Anita Nicole Brown (@anita_nicole_brown on Instagram) joins the podcast to share her incredible story of a life with T1D. Diagnosed during her annual physical before her senior year of High School, Anita had been concerned with consistent weight loss despite a very strong appetite from her background in athletics and sports. She learned that there were "two kinds of Diabetes" as she was diagnosed, and was forced to face the realization that many T1Ds face that they now have a disease they've never heard anything about. 

Anita's glucose levels were over 1,000 mcg/dl and suffered from diabetic nerve damage as a result, and lost the ability to walk for 1 year. However, Anita was able to recover and walk again, and she takes us through her mindset during this especially difficult time. 

Anita lives in Chicago and works as an actress, if you follow her on Instagram you can keep up with her career as she currently is preparing for multiple roles in both stage and screen performances. 

This post was written in support of Beyond Type 1’s Power Up Campaign that’s engaging a global T1D community to help educate, advocate and cure Type 1 diabetes.