Episode 052 - Diabetics Doing an Active Life with Rowena Gander

Rowena Gander (@type1active on Instagram) joins the podcast from the UK to talk about living an active life with T1D and some of her stories, tips and tactics she uses with her clients. 

Diagnosed with T1D while at university three years ago, Rowena started an Instagram to chronicle her T1D Journey. In that time she's found the amazing Diabetes Online Community to be incredibly supportive, and when people began to message her about training, nutrition and fitness, she started her online Diabetes coaching business. 

We speak at length about fitness and the online community and I'd encourage you to reach out to Rowena whether you're in the UK, US or anywhere else in the world. She's a great resource and I'm grateful she came on the podcast. 

This post was written in support of Beyond Type 1’s Power Up Campaign that’s engaging a global T1D community to help educate, advocate and cure Type 1 diabetes.