Episode 051 - Diabetics Doing Life in a New Light with Erika Cavallo

Episode 051 features Erika Cavallo (@erikacavalloo on Instagram) a former Division 1 Lacrosse player at Towson University. Erika had been feeling under the weather towards the end of her Freshman season, and was diagnosed with T1D prior to one of her team's games. 

Erika takes us through her diagnosis that derailed a promising season, adjusting to life with T1D as a student after her diagnosis, facing the reality that while her life had changed, her outlook and work ethic didn't have to, and how she has found a new passion fighting for T1D advocacy following her diagnosis. 

Erika also gives us a firsthand account of what many T1Ds go through, in that many of their peers and social circles change after they are diagnosed and they begin to feel alienated or alone because of their disease. Erika's attitude and determination are truly inspiring, and I hope you all enjoy a very candid look at life with Type 1.