Episode 053 - Diabetics Doing Strange Diagnosis Stories with Kayla Chorley

Kayla Chorley (@instakay.14 on Instagram) joins the Podcast from Canada to talk about her journey with T1D. Diagnosed when she was 12, she shares her particularly funny, and very unique diagnosis story before diving deep into how she's overcome her diagnosis to live a full life with T1D. 

Despite her rocky diagnosis, Kayla's prognosis has always been positive. She and I take a deep dive into the importance of the rhetoric of doctors, nurses and Diabetes educators at diagnosis and (without any direct research) the effect it has on the success of the patient living with Type-1 Diabetes. 

Kayla and I are very like minded, and she and I talk at length about taking T1D one day at a time and to not expect perfection. We even talk about T1International, and all the great work Elizabeth and her team are doing globally for Insulin reform #insulin4all. 

This post was written in support of Beyond Type 1’s Power Up Campaign that’s engaging a global T1D community to help educate, advocate and cure Type 1 diabetes.