Episode 048 - Diabetics Doing International Friendships with Noemie Bvn

Noemie (@noemiie.t1d on Instagram) joins the podcast from the French Alps to talk about her life in France with T1D. 

Noemie has been T1D for 21 years, after she was diagnosed at the age of 5, and while she doesn't remember the exact circumstances around her diagnosis she does have a vivid memory of growing up with Type-1. From her mom visiting her at school to test her blood sugar, or struggling with being normal while also maintaining control of her diabetes. 

Noemie is good friends with Sid Sharma, who we interviewed on Episode 20, who she met through Instagram. Noemie also recently got to meet him in person for the first time while Sid was riding across the USA with #BikeBeyond. Noemie has been a huge supporter of the podcast for a long time, so be sure to give her a shout out after you listen to her episode.