Episode 047 - Diabetics Doing Worldwide Adventures with Anna Pintsuk

Anna Pintsuk (@onnepe on Instagram) joins the podcast from Vienna, Austria to talk about her life with T1D abroad. I love doing interviews with international guests because we get to see how similar we all are despite language barriers, measuring mmol/L or mg/dL or how our insurance works. 

Anna was diagnosed with a blood sugar reading of over 1300, and noticed it because her eyesight had deteriorated! 

Anna takes us through basic T1D education  in Austria, the T1D community in Austria, misconceptions about being vegan and how grateful she is for the technology we have access to in 2017 to treat our T1D. She even gives us a behind the scenes look at Austrian culture, which was super fun to learn about. 

Anna is such an inspiring person and I'd encourage all of you to reach out to her via social media and give her a follow because her content is awesome and check out her blog at www.onne-pe.com.