Episode 046 - Diabetics Doing Lifelong Journeys with Jen Stilson

Jen Silson (@stilsonator on Instagram) joins the podcast to talk about her amazing journey with Type-1 Diabetes all over the country. She's worked with just a few household names in her awesome career, David Letterman and Jon Stewart just to name a few. Jen was diagnosed at age 16 in her home city of Spokane Washington, before attending school at the University of Washington. 

Jen tells us what it was like working in the 24/7 newsroom environment with Jon Stewart and David Letterman, especially since Letterman is a lover of Hershey's chocolate bars! Jen and I have an amazing conversation about how technology over the years has made it easier to be open with T1D, but how important early experiences with how you view your T1D can influence your relationship with the disease throughout your life. 

We also talk about how BeyondType1 is changing the voice of the T1D community, humanizing the disease and growing awareness for T1Ds worldwide.  Jen also tells a very cool story on BeyondType1 co-founder Nick Jonas, which you can here at about 27 minutes into the episode.

Jen serves on the Leadership Council of BeyondType1 and lives in New Jersey with her husband Greg and her two fur children Gerard and Pepita Consuela.