Episode 049 - Diabetics Doing Everyday Victories and Celebrating Them with Nicole Colson

I knew from the first email I received from Nicole Colson (@type1nicole on Instagram) that we were going to get along. "I desire to be that voice of normal in the T1D community." she told me. She had a point, and one that Diabetics Doing Things was founded on, that the everyday victories of T1D largely go uncelebrated, and that's a problem. To quote Nicole, "There are so many T1Ds that are rockstars...and that's great, but there are tons more of us winning everyday battles while facing the same highs and lows as the athletic T1D champs and celebrities." 

Nicole and I also talk about her looking forward to hosting the #BikeBeyond crew and Sid Sharma in Louisville on their way across America. It's a must listen and I hope you enjoy celebrating the everyday victories with us!