Episode 043 - Diabetics Doing Diabetic Dabs with Elizabeth Sacco

Elizabeth Sacco (@diabeticdabs on Instagram) joins the podcast for the first of its kind interview on Diabetics Doing Things, as she is the mother of a Type-1 Diabetic. Her son David was diagnosed at age 9, and thrust Liz and her family into the world of Type-1 Diabetes. 

Liz takes us through what it was like from diagnosis through the first 6 years of her family's journey with T1D. We even cover "spidokas" (sp?) which is a term which references the phenomenon where before you are made aware of something, you never notice it, but once you are made aware of it, you see it everywhere. 

Elizabeth hasn't stopped at successfully treating T1D as a parent, she's the founder of Diabetic Dabs, a disposable, inexpensive, convenient breakthrough for blood glucose testing. Not only are Diabetic Dabs a convenient and simple solution to testing, they also donate a portion of the proceeds to improve the lives of those living with T1D. 

Big shout out to Liz for her patience in me posting this episode, and a huge shout out to all parents of T1Ds out there. We would not be where we are without you.