Episode 042 - Diabetics Doing Muscle & Fitness with Phil Graham

Phil Graham (@PhilGraham01 on Instagram) joins the podcast from Belfast, Ireland, to talk about his diagnosis with T1D and everything from his career in the fitness industry, success as a professional bodybuilder and his journey with T1D along the way. 

Phil is a nutritionist, podcast host, public speaker, bodybuilding coach and the author of The Diabetic Muscle & Fitness Guide. Phil is an extremely valuable resource on all things Diabetes and Fitness related, and hundreds of people with Type-1 Diabetes rely on his expertise on nutrition and exercise related to T1D. 

I love Phil’s outlook and approach to everything he does, and I’m lucky and grateful to have him as a guest on the show. Something really stuck with me, Phil attributes his focus on health and fitness to his diagnosis with Type-1 Diabetes. It’s changed his life in more ways than one, and I’m glad he was able to share that story with us. Give him a follow for extra inspiration!