Episode 041 - Diabetics Doing Sugarless Clothing with Cody McChesney

Cody McChesney (@sugarlessclothing on Instagram) joins the podcast from the Bay Area to talk about his diagnosis, being T1D and also trying to be a regular kid and his brand Sugarless Clothing, who makes apparel to raise awareness for Type-1 Diabetics. 

Sugarless Clothing's mission is to raise awareness for T1D and dispel some of the misconceptions associated with Type-1 Diabetes. They even donate a portion of their proceeds to help provide Diabetes supplies for those in need. 

Cody's diagnosis story is particularly harrowing, going through misdiagnosis as a Type-2 diabetic, which caused him to lose over 100 pounds in 6 months (220lbs to 113lbs)! Cody takes us through his approach through the dark times, and how that turned him into a T1D warrior. 

I really enjoy Cody's interview and his passion for helping other T1Ds is inspiring. He also is a particularly great example of being firm with your doctor if you think there is a misdiagnosis. Check out his story, and be sure to give Sugarless Clothing a look!