Episode 044 - Diabetics Doing Bikini Competitions 2 with Courtney Lillich

Courtney Lillich (@cornut34 on Instagram) joins the podcast from California to talk about her 31 year journey with T1D. Courtney is a physical therapist and bodybuilder, participating in the bikini division on a regular basis. During our conversation, she was preparing for a competition which she recently completed. 

Courtney gives awesome insight of what it’s like to be diagnosed with T1D at an early age, and all the hurdles her parents had to go through, from chasing her around with needles to having to explain to Courtney why she had to test her blood sugar, while her twin sister didn’t. 

We talk preparing for competition, overcoming lows at the gym and even mention our good friend Phil Graham! Give it a listen, and if you missed part 1 of Diabetics Doing Bikini Competitions with Devean D’Silva, check it out!