Episode 036 - Diabetics Doing The Sugars with Libby Russell

At long last, the much anticipated interview with Libby Russell (@ihavethesugars on Instagram) is here! Libby joins the podcast from NYC to talk about the inspiration for ihavethesugars which is one of my favorite Diabetes communities (and also super well designed, which makes me love it even more). We talk about Libby's diagnosis at 17, bond over our respective tiger moms as well as discuss how our parents took on the challenge of a T1D child, address the challenges of playing high level athletics as a T1D, and how technology, social media (specifically BeyondType1 has changed the way T1Ds and their families interact. 

Libby is such an amazing T1D ambassador, and has really paved the way for T1D conversations online since launching The Sugars in 2010. I think you'll really enjoy this interview with someone who not only knows T1D and living with T1D intimately, but also really knows the T1D community as a whole and what we go through. Be sure to reach out to her on Instagram, follow her blogs and even check out her sweet (oh no, more puns) T1D T-Shirt shop