Episode 037 - Diabetics Doing Happy Tummys and Travel with Whitney Lewis

Whitney Lewis (@HappyPancreas on Instagram) joins the podcast to discuss her journey with T1D over the past 4 years. Diagnosed at 26, Whitney takes us through a traumatic diagnosis experience, dealing with denial, adjusting to life with T1D as an adult and the realities of misdiagnosis that many T1D adults deal with in the early days of the disease. 

Fast forward to today, Whitney is living and thriving with T1D and her blog focuses on healthy living with T1D, maintaining proper gut health, exercising with T1D as well as many recipes she shares via Instagram. Whitney is an amazing member of the T1D community and sharing knowledge with her over the past few months has been super rewarding. I encourage you to follow her and utilize her as a resource! She has put a lot of time and effort into really understanding her body, and if you check out her website you can benefit from all the work she's done. I know you'll enjoy her episode!