Episode 035 - Diabetics Doing One Drop with Mary Adams

Mary Adams (@maryeradams on Instagram) joins the podcast from the East Coast. I met Mary a few months ago through OneDrop, a very cool company with a new (very cool) meter and prescription free test strip subscription service. They're doing great work, and you should check them out. 

Mary and I discuss her diagnosis during the summer after 3rd grade and the challenges associated with being young with T1D, the importance of family but also doctors on overall outlook of a successful life with Type-1, stepping outside of our comfort zone and what to do when it works out. Mary also flips the script on me and asked me some questions, most notably what my doctors told me about the likelihood of a cure. We also talk about how low blood sugars can scramble your brain, what it's like working for a T1D focused organization and where her T1D inspiration comes from. It's a fantastic interview and Mary is such a positive influential voice for the T1D community. Enjoy!