Episode 034 - Diabetics Doing Hollywood with Derek Theler

Whether you've seen him on Freeform as one of the leading men of "Baby Daddy," or remember him from his Hollywood debut on The Hills, chances are you've run into Derek Theler. Derek has been a T1D since he was three years old, and from the very start he was determined that it would not keep him from living the life he wanted. Derek was actually on track to become an endocrinologist, before a trip to LA with some friends changed everything. 

Derek was incredibly gracious with his time, and we had a great conversation about what it's like to be a T1D in Hollywood. It starts with the story of his younger sister, who was also diagnosed with T1D at the age of three. Derek talks about how important it was to grow up with someone who knew what you were going through, and why that's what makes him so motivated to be a figurehead in the T1D community for others. She even inspired him to try a CGM! We talk about playing sports and the challenges associated with travel, and Derek opens up about how and when he initiates conversations with others about his T1D. 

It took me a little while to get in my groove because I was a little nervous but Derek really knocked this interview out of the park. He certainly made me a fan and I'm grateful that we have someone like him in the T1D community to look up to. He was even a good sport when I jumped him with a question about who holds the title for most handsome T1D leading man!

Hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did, and major props to Derek for joining the show. If you don't already, be sure to follow Derek on Instagram.