Episode 031 - Diabetics Doing Bikini Competitions with Devan D'Silva

Devan D'Silva, (@ddevdev on Instagram) a T1D since she was 16 months old, joins the Podcast from Chicago to talk about why all great diagnosis stories start at McDonalds, what parents go through when their child is diagnosed with T1D at a young age, the importance of having a T1D trainer while prepping for Bikini Competitions and the very real, very serious challenge of dealing with Diabetes bullying in school. 

Devan's interview has such a great flow to it and she gives us an in-depth look at her life with Type-1. From a 16-month-old learning to test her blood sugar, to a 3rd grader overcoming bullies to a 25-year-old placing in bikini competitions, Devean is a great example of how a T1D diagnosis is not a valid excuse to not chase your dream.