Episode 032 - Diabetics Doing Inspiration with David Mina

David Mina, a 9 year Type-1 Diabetic from California, joins the podcast to talk about the role the online T1D community in his life. David is the brains (and heart) behind @Type1Livabetic, a community he started in 2014 to showcase what life is really like with Type-1 and to inspire others to live their best life with T1D. 

David is also a vegan, as well as involved with @Lyfebulb, and we talk in-depth about his decision to life a plant-based lifestyle, and all the cool things lyfebulb is doing in the T1D community. David is an awesome example for T1Ds everywhere, and some of the stories he shares from the people he’s impacted are especially inspiring. He also talks about how being involved in the community has helped him on his journey as a T1D, and what he’s hopeful for in the future. 

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