Episode 030 - Diabetics Doing Social Work with Shelley Clark

Shelley Clark (formerly Green & @missshelley on Instagram) joins me from Seattle Washington, and after my first ever on-air blood sugar check we talk about her life as a T1D and a nurse. Shelley was diagnosed at age 6, after her father's intuition led her to a late night hospital visit.

We talk about the use of scare tactics at diagnosis, to the evolution of T1D awareness and research and the truth about life with T1D from childhood to adulthood (hint: there's so much to be excited about). 

Shelley also brings up how important going to Diabetes camp was for her at a young age, and I think it's super relevant now because school is out across most of the country, so go to Diabetes camp, volunteer at a Diabetes camp, support your local Diabetes camps. They make a difference!