Diabetics Doing First Conversations about T1D with Mariel Schofield

Occasionally, we have the pleasure of sharing the first truly public conversations about T1D with an individual, and Mariel Schofield (@doctor_mariel on Instagram) gave us the opportunity to share her story outwardly for the first time.

Now a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Mariel brings a myriad of experience and knowledge in the world of T1D. Diagnosed at age 5, her main memory of diagnosis is giving dolls shots of saline water to prepare her for the real thing. She was told that sports weren’t going to be easy, or perhaps even possible, but with the help of her loving father, she made it happen. 

Mariel played Division I Volleyball at the University of Miami, and we talk sports and what it’s like to be a high-level athlete with diabetes. Do you tell your coach and team? Do you try to hide it completely? It’s all a matter of situation and opinion, but no matter what, it’s going to be a personal decision. We discuss the ins-and-outs of managing blood sugars at this high level of conditioning without knowing the type of workout you’re walking into. 

Mental fortitude is a major theme in this episode. Learning how to control your body and center yourself improves your ability to maintain your blood sugars; from yoga to meditation, there are plenty of actions you can take to improve your mental strength. Connecting with others in the diabetic online community and talking with those like yourself can be an extremely rewarding experience, so take a listen and leave a comment!