Diabetics Doing March Madness and Pro Basketball with Austin Freeman

Professional basketball player, Austin Freeman (@_sugarfree5 on Instagram), is the Diabetics Doing Things guest of the day. You may know him from his time at Georgetown or even when he attended DeMatha Catholic High School, but today you get the inside scoop. Diagnosed his junior year of college, Austin and I go hard in the paint with our discussion on T1D.

During the most prominent part of the season, Austin found himself frequenting the bathroom, having no energy (despite IV fluids before practice and games), and staying clear-headed on the hardwood proved to be difficult. What was thought to be a stomach-virus became a full-blown case of type 1 diabetes. If you’re a T1D athlete, you may relate to Austin as he knows his coach keeps an extra close eye on him, “just in case,” and is constantly being asked about the diabetes.

Austin shares how T1D has impacted his life. As a professional basketball player, he travels to other countries, sometimes for years at a time. He discusses how he manages having multiple doctors and talks about how different doctors can require different sugar ranges, which isn’t easy. If you love basketball and/or traveling, have T1D, or just want to listen to the awesomeness that Austin Freeman is, take a listen!