Diabetics Doing Ballet and Broadway with Katelyn Prominski Baud

Episode 085's guest is professional dancer and T1D, Katelyn Prominski Baud (@KatelynBaud on Instagram). Katelyn was diagnosed in 2011, but multiple signs suggest she was living with it much longer. When she was battling a case of swine flu, feet problems, sinus infections, weight loss, muscle weakness, and confusion, she did what dancers do… she danced. She endured countless complications over an extended period of time under circumstances that were far less than ideal for someone virtually living in DKA. At the time, she was a corps member with the Pennsylvania Ballet and wasn’t going to let anything stand in her way; even after diagnosis, she kept dancing. 

Katelyn doesn’t let diabetes get in the way and her story is one of a kind. Her vivacious commentary and story-telling is one to be enjoyed by all. We walk through her diagnosis and philosophy regarding life with T1D, and we also talk about her current pregnancy (FYI, she’s rocking it!!). Remember to give Katelyn some love on Instagram and feel free to reach out! Digging into untold stories like Katelyn's and connecting about how we're all more similar than we think is what Diabetics Doing Things is all about.