Looking for other resources outside of the Diabetics Doing Things Podcast? Below are links to features of Diabetics Doing Things and founder Rob Howe on other sites. If you have any questions or would like to request content, send an email to 


Whole30 Success Story

Melissa Hartwig (Whole30 Headmistress) chronicles Rob's journey through Whole30 as a Type-1 Diabetic. The Whole30 Success Story shares some of Rob's results from the Whole30, and you can get the full story on Episode 007 of the Podcast, Diabetics Doing Whole30.


"On T1D and Manhood" featured on BeyondType1

As men seem less likely than women to share details about their journey with Type-1 Diabetes, BeyondType1 asked Rob to share his personal story and encourage other men with Type-1 that it doesn't make you less of a man to be open about your Diabetes. 


Rob's interview with Daniele Hargenrader, The Diabetes Dominator

One of Rob's first interviews about Diabetics Doing Things and his journey with T1d, featured on Daniele Hargenrader, The Diabetes Dominator's show.